US Domestic Services

Dependable services across US by expert professionals in Incorporation, Taxation and Valuation

We provide prompt service and support you throughout your business cycle. We ensure that you all your statutory requirements and stay compliant with Federal, State and Local regulations


  • Cost effective and dependable services across USA
  • Hassle free incorporation of business entities i.e. partner ship, limited liability, company (LLC) or corporation
  • Support in selection of structure of the entity based on b usiness requirements

We provide cost effective and dependable incorporation services across USA. We ensure smooth incorporation of US business entities be it partnership, limited liability, company (LLC) or corporation.


We specialise in carrying valuations based on the global standards. Our business valuation services include:

  • 409A valuation of a private company’s stock
  • Employees stop option schemes (ESOP’s) and the management stock option schemes (MSOP’s)
  • Financial instruments including debt, hybrid, and convertible instruments
  • Intangibles like brand, trademark, Intellectual property etc
  • Transactions, which include restructuring and divestments for price determination/negotiation.
  • Timely and accurate valuations as per global standards
  • Business valuation as required by respective regulatory authorities
  • 409 A, ESOP
  • Intangibles


  • Individual Taxation
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Specialised Cross Border Taxation services
  • Transaction and Income res tructuring
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation

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