India and South Asia Desk

Specialised services for your business needs in India and South Asia

Our specialised team assist you in setting up your business operations in unchartered geographies. We assist you at every stage of your business from setting up to ensuring that you comply with all the country specific regulatory requirements

Entry Strategy

  • Assistance in deciding the type of entity
  • Facilitate setting up business in an unexplored geography
  • Ensure all the pre-entry and postentry compliances

Expenses Due Diligence

  • Support in optimising the expenses
  • Impacts the bottom line of the entity
  • Leveraging the industry experience and expertise


We provide customised business solutions as per the needs of your business. Our experts with in depth industry knowledge and professional experience enable you to formulate strategies to achieve your long term objectives. We enable you to take well informed decisions based on the well-researched solutions tailor made for your business.

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